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Workplace Pensions (Savings)

When we think about workplace savings the primary and most widespread benefit will of course be the pension in whatever format an employer chooses to utilise.

With the introduction of Automatic Enrolment; soon every single employer in the country will have to offer some form of pension arrangement to staff (see our Automatic Enrolment section for more information on this).

At Which Way Financial Solutions we are passionate about pensions and want to ensure that employers are supported and advised so that they can navigate through the maze of legislation and complicated terminology and provide support and education to employees so they can understand their benefits and make good decisions (rather than doing nothing).

Driven by technology, other forms of savings are becoming available to employees through what the industry calls a platform. ┬áNot only can you hold your pension with a provider, but some will let you access other savings products such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s). ┬áThis enables employers, through their pension provider, to offer access to a wider range of products, through a single interface.

This is a developing market; it is not for everyone but it does provide an interesting option for employers who want to offer greater options and flexibility to their staff to consider.

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